Alexander Thomas

Location: Bristol, England

Info: "All digital clash and spooked tones", Alexander Thomas' sound has evolved from a restrained "sad string quartet" to a far stranger series of improvised performances
that seek to explore and examine the boundaries of the Theremin. Using the instrument alone to impose industrial beats upon cthonic choirs, Alexander can be seen enthusiastically performing across the United Kingdom.

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nachtsmeer enjoys the sound and the company of some classic synthesis devices which never cease to amuse.

nachtsmeer recently befriended the etherwave. Soon they hope to make strange ethereal noiziz together and when the time is right nachtsmeer will take his Inconceivably Devious Instruments Of Torture out to punish the eardrums of unsuspecting victims with pressure wave sequences so far banished to the confines of the Timbre Den.

Examples of non-theremonic nachtsmeer noiziz can be heard on the nachtsmeer myspace or on the nachtsmeer website.

In September 2003 SKAM Records were brave enough to release a few nachtsmeer trax, now available as mp3 downloads.

In January 2007 the nachtsmeer track "Tubular Strawberries" was heard over the air and cyberwaves of Radio 1 on the Mary Anne Hobbs Show.

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Mark C

Location: Wirral, Merseyside

Info: Mark C is a young musician based on the Wirral, Merseyside - not long out of Chetham's School of Music, where his he discovered the Theremin after hearing Celia Sheen perform. He is passionate about music - ALL music - from Franck to Funk, Ravel to Rock, Mahler to Metal, and Jazz to Jacob.

Currently biding his time to accumulate funds to further his education, he works in IT by day, and is a professional musician and magician by night.

Having recently acquired a proper Theremin, he now devotes substantial practise time towards the Theremin.

Watch this space....

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Gordon Charlton

Location: Watford, Herts

Gordon records experimental music for theremin under the name 'Beat Frequency'.

gordonc at theremin . org . uk

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Location: Perthshire

J_D is an enthusiastic amateur theremin player currently working on his ariel fingering for solo pieces. Also playing in a small progressive rock ensemble.

Contact: jd at theremin dot org dot uk